Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Angelina Jolie rescue

I was initially at a house party, I didn't recognise the address. There was a few people from my past there, an old school friend and an old friend of my dads.
As the party goes on everyone present becomes drunk and remaining sober I decide it's time to leave, bored with their drunken antics.

In walks Jayne the cook from a school I worked at briefly. She is carrying a huge cake she has made but she is wearing huge six inch heels and can hardly walk.

I go outside to my car which is completely made from scaffolding poles and is 20 feet high.

Next I can see a car getting washed away in a flooded street. From inside the car I can see a life size cardboard cutout of Angelina Jolie. She is panicking and calling for help.

I dive in get to the car, pull her out and swim to the bank out of the raging torrent.
I'm holding the cardboard Angelina, laying on top of her when her breasts pop out and become real. Not wishing to miss the opportunity gifted before me, I nestle my head into her ample bosom and blow raspberries.

Finally my wife and myself are telling two sets of neighbours off for arguing. We are laying into them letting them know in no uncertain terms how pathetic they all are.
A teenage lad takes hold of my arm and I ram him against a wall and get in his face to express my displeasure at being touched.

On the driveway of the house next door three lads are working on a car. Before my eyes the car turns into a hospital bed.

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