Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Ventriloquist hard man & snake on a stick

Feeding some sheep in my Nan's garden, I was setting up my camera on a tripod, ahead of me I could see two lads holding baseball bats.
They started to smash a ventriloquists dummy about the head with the bats. The dummy dressed in a tuxedo and top hat, jumps up and proceeds to kick their arses, ninja style.

After knocking out both his assailants, he looked over at me and winked just as the camera took his picture, freezing him in time.

Next I was steering a huge great python snake around a road. The snake was attached by its head with a long stick, the other end I was holding.
I ran around manoeuvring the snake, passing lots of roundabouts. As I turned a corner the snake turned into a stretch limo and skidded out of control.

Lastly I am walking with my mum and dad. There is a vast crowd of people all of which are walking towards us. We keep going against the flow of people.
I have no idea where we were going.

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