Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tortured soul shaddap you face

Modern technology being what it is I was dreaming about watching TV using my mobile phone.
I don't know what the programme was but it was episode 7. I settle down to watch, the scene is a naked man being tortured.
His nipples have been pierced with hooks and chains attached, the chains have been hoisted up to a water pipe above and he is hanging beaten blooded and bruised.

As I continue to watch I get sucked into the phone and into the body of the tortured man. In agony I call for help, looking around the hot, damp cellar type room.
I suddenly begin to get lowered and when I reach the floor my dad is there. He hugs me and comforts me. I become a small boy again.

I woke up to the sound if Joe Dolce singing, 'Shaddap you face' which was basically an Australian pretending to be Italian singing total rubbish.

For those of you fortunate to have missed out on this musical treat from 1980, cut and paste the link below into your browser.


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