Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Torpedo sidewinder

One of my dreams where I can just hear a song playing all night.
Last night was The sidewinder sleeps tonight by REM, a hit in 1993.

The only other intrusion into my slumber was the sudden and extremely loud warning siren that a torpedo was about to launch.

It was so alarming that I awoke sitting up in bed and shouted, "what the ****".
I honestly thought it was in the room, but safe in the knowledge I don't live on a submarine or remotely near one, I can discount it as having happened within my head.

The REM song lyrics are famously easy to mishear. A 2010 survey found that the chorus line "Call me when you try to wake her" was the most misheard lyric in Britain. The most common mishearing of the chorus line is "Calling Jamaica".

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