Friday, 4 May 2012

Toilet with a view

Bit of a repetitive dream last night.
I was out in the countryside, it was getting dark and was overcast and damp.
I was looking up from the bottom of a steep hill and wanted to get to the summit.
I climb the hill, carefully stepping over small streams and slippery rocks. I reach the top and look out over a vast valley that goes beyond my field of vision. The view is stunning and well worth my efforts in ascending up there.

I then find that I'm at the bottom again, frustrated I endure the same arduous climb to the same amazing view.
Once at the top I again find I'm back at the bottom if the hill. This goes on for an age until I decide I need to pee.

At the top I start to urinate down into the valley below.
My pee shoots out like a high powered hose and disappears far into the distance and out of my view. I keep this up for ages, directing the spray in different directions like an excited child that's discovered a new game.

I awoke needing the toilet!

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