Thursday, 31 May 2012

Rusty woman & door salesman

I initially find myself gliding silently through the streets. I'm seeing rows and rows of houses, all of which have had the doors and windows bricked up.
The whole town is the same and is all very bleak and depressing.

I next find myself walking through a scrap metal yard. Alongside me is a small woman who tells me she must never drink but has recently had half a pint of cider.
As a result of this, she starts to bend double and limps, as she struggles to walk her skin begins to turn to rusty metal. Her face cracks and she gets slower and slower until she stops as she has become solid metal.

Lastly I am inside the back of a shop having a look around. I have the feeling I shouldn't be there and I open a box that is full if small AA batteries.
I start to fill my pockets when there is a knock on the door.
I open it and a fat door to door salesman barges his way in.
The fat man then gives his best sales pitch trying to sell me doors.
I inform him I have my full quota of doors and tell him to leave.

Whilst this is happening a man with very big ears is looking over a fence at me.

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