Monday, 14 May 2012

Racist Ronnies & paper clothes

Having Christmas dinner at my parents house and watching the Two Ronnie's on TV is something I did many times in my youth.
Peeling all the skin off my hands like a glove whilst watching them sing racist chants at a West Ham game is a slightly different festive celebration.

Boarding a bus I scope the upper deck for a free double seat to avoid sitting next to anyone but have to settle with choosing the least weirdest person when there are none available.
The young lad I choose recognises me and explains he works at the pub in my village.

He comments on my suit which when I look is white and made from A4 pieces of paper stapled together.
The lad explains that he is wearing underpants that are made from cash.

When I get off the bus there are two transvestites in bright orange dresses seated in deck chairs at the side of the road. Both have full bushy beards and are smiling at me.

I go into what looks like a school classroom but there are people from work gathering for a briefing.
Derek, one of my old supervisors is there along with most of the people from my old team.

We are chatting and talking about past exploits when in walks Timmy. He appears to have abandoned his work uniform and opted for a new gelled hair style and a purple sparkly dinner jacket.

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