Monday, 21 May 2012

Nuts death & dance

Haven't killed anyone for some time but last night changed that.
I was inside a bird cage being fed nuts by Robert De Niro, he kept dropping them on my head and laughing.
I manage to escape and somehow get hold of a shot gun.

Robert vastly over acts when I fire both barrels into his stomach. After an age performing his death scene, he drops down dead.
People around me start to panic as I start killing randomly, shooting at point blank range, mostly in the heads of my victims.
I find myself on a balcony and stop briefly as Claire from work approaches me and attempts to calm me.
I listen to her for a while contemplating her words and then just shove her off the balcony to her death.

The next section of my dream involves me being at my mums house where a children's party is taking place. I am securing my dog in my car when my mum explains to me that her cream carpets have been ruined by muddy footprints.

Finally I find myself in the underground car park at work.
There is a bunch of new females starting and they have formed a dance group. Justin another work colleague enters with his all male dance group and I explain to him about the new competition.

We both walk and talk into the toilets, I go into a cubicle but find its in such a disgusting state I run out almost vomiting.

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