Thursday, 10 May 2012

Missing ferret & meeting on ice

As I lay in bed I was aware that two ferrets were asleep under the covers next to my knees.
Taking care not to squash them I carefully turned over and attempted to get up.
As I did this, Lorraine from work is standing there telling me to be mindful of the ferrets.
I pull back the covers to find that only one ferret is curled up sleeping and the other has gone.

I'm next seated around a table at an office meeting along with about six others that I don't know.
The table is in the middle of an ice rink and a game of ice hockey is going on around us.

I am drinking a pint of beer, I gulp and guzzle down the contents of my glass in one and when I finish the glass is full of beer still.
I repeat this and again swallow the beer in one only to find I have a never ending drink.

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