Wednesday, 2 May 2012

I'm a little backwards

I start my nights adventure by celebrating my mother in laws birthday. I choose to do this by laying on top of a dusty wardrobe at my mums house and spelling out happy birthday using magnetic plastic coloured letters and toy cars.
My mother in law ignores my efforts and instead worries about her hours being changed at work.
My friend Pipi arrives and appears to be her Son.

I spend the middle section dreaming about climbing into a loft to find water leaking through holes causing the ceiling to bow under the watery weight.

Finally I am in a car, I am at a dead end and start to reverse as there isn't enough room to turn around.
I keep going backwards and gain speed as I do so, driving for ages.
My vehicle manoeuvring is fantastic and I keep it straight and at a constant speed. Whilst driving I manage to bite my toe nails too.

Only when I turn the car front facing does it go wrong and I realise I can't drive forwards and promptly hit a wall.

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