Sunday, 13 May 2012

Horse bed, chocolate & no nuts.

I begin by having a leisurely stole with my dad along the sea front at the holiday resort of Skegness.
As we walk and chat a woman dressed in an elaborate spider costume passes us, she has lots if extra legs protruding from her body and is knocking people as she walks.
A bread delivery van has the rear open and baskets of fresh loafs are stacked high. My dad chooses an uncut tin loaf and walks off without paying for it.
Lorraine from work appears and starts to tell me the half time football results.

Next I'm looking for some sawdust to make up a stable for my wife's horse, Murphy. My nephew, Jimmy is there and offers me a sweet.
Still looking for sawdust which seems to be in short supply I give up my search and make Murphy a human bed, complete with quilt and pillows.

Finally I am in an operating theatre ready to go under the knife. The surgeon decides I don't need an anaesthetic and asks me to hold up my testicles while he cuts them off!
Rather fortunately the surgeon explains he found a tumour, which would have gone otherwise unnoticed.

Minus my nuts I arrive at the corner sweet shop near to my Nan's house only to find it closed.
I can see a woman inside and knock to get her attention. Explaining that I have had my gentiles removed and I need chocolate, the woman feels sorry for me and allows me to enter and choose what I want.

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