Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Hello hello hello & Bon jour

Last night I was a policeman and along with my work colleague Franky Knuckles, we were walking the beat at night.
Suddenly we get an urgent call but are a long way from our patrol car.
We both run as fast as we can to reach the car in able to respond to the call for help.
Just as we reach the car we are informed that the call is for a different area to ours and we have wasted our time and energy.

I'm next helping a woman who is having trouble sleeping. I tell her I will make her fall sound asleep and she will wake rested.
I put my hand over her eyes and whisper into her ear, she starts to resist but I tell her to remain calm.
She falls asleep and is so deep in slumber I am able to slap her face and she doesn't stir.

Lastly I'm waiting for a bus outside my place of work and see Groover in the front car park. He is holding up his remote for his car but can't find his vehicle.
Behind him a cars indicators flash as he holds the remote. I laugh at his stupidity.

My bus arrives and a French woman getting off looks at me and gives me a seductive wink.
I know she was French as she was wearing a stereotypical red beret.

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