Sunday, 6 May 2012

Harry Potter & the rainbow garden

The setting last night was an empty room with just a bed in the centre. At one end of the room was a wall of glass looking out into a garden.
Brilliant sunshine lit the room in rays of golden light, cascading over the bed and onto a woman laying beneath a crisp white sheet.

I approach the woman who has been woken by the sun warming her skin.
She doesn't appear concerned at my presence and gives me a welcoming smile.
The female says, 'Hello Harry', and turns her body over in the bed to settle down for more sleep.

I wander over to the window, beyond into the garden is a vast array of colours, all highlighted by the bright sun.
All the colours are wrong, the grass is yellow, the trees are red and the sky is green. It's as if a child has crayoned a colouring book but kept very neatly inside the lines.

As I draw my eyes from the far reaches of the multi coloured garden and back to the glass before my eyes, I focus on my own reflection.
I am Harry Potter!

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