Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Ford E type & supermarket rugby

I own a very modest Ford Focus which has served me well for some years.
Last night as I slept my beloved Focus kept transformed into a red convertible E type Jag. Happy with that.

I was next entering a supermarket where I was greeted by a very hot looking female in her underwear who snogged my face off. Happy with that.

On the wall I see a giant birthday card, the kind that people buy under the illusion that big is better and not a tacky sentiment that most would find offensive.

I then notice a rugby match is taking place in the centre of the supermarket with the posts either end of the store.
I kick a ball, sending it high into the air over the isles, avoiding displays and hanging signs.
The ball lands smack in the centre of the upright posts amid cheers from the shoppers. Happy with that.

I leave the store to find my E type is back as my old Focus. Oh well.

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