Friday, 18 May 2012

Entertainment extravaganza

As on many occasions the setting for the first part of my dream was my mums house.
I'm sitting in the living room watching Harry Hill dancing and singing as he parades through the house followed by an array of giant badgers and other oversized animals to the sound of 'Riverside' by Sidney Samson.

Wishing to join the fun I walk up to a microphone on a stand and start to sing 'Stuck in a moment' by U2. I can see Vernon Kay watching me too.
Suddenly a giant Mickey Mouse pushes me off the mic and takes over.
U2 in a high pitched Squeal is just terrible.

Next I find that I am naked along with a lot of other unclothed people, being held captive in a huge clear tube that is suspended at ceiling height.
Below is an evil little man laughing up at us and feeding us chocolates.

I lastly enter a pub sitting on a office chair on wheels. It is self propelled and I steer it just using the power of thought.
As I pass along the length of the bar I see lots of my dads old friends from years ago.
I reach the end of the bar and find my dad with a wooden box full of old photos. The box incidentally was built by my dad is still at my mums house.

Dad is sorting out pictures and passing them to his friends to show them what they looked like many years before.
I scan the bar recognising all the drinkers and realise that every single person in the pub has been deceased for years.

I try to engage with my dad and the others but no one can see or hear me.

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