Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Death balloons & John Craven

Bit of a brief recognition from last nights sleep.
I was firstly among millions of people all being suspended in the sky by a single balloon, we were all holding into to a small birthday type balloon by string that was tied to it.

One by one the balloons start to pop and the person holding it plummets to their death.
After a time I was the only one left alive.

I have no idea if I died as I am next building a house from wood in Egypt being helped by John Craven.
To be fair I am mainly doing the work as John, good at reporting and generally being serious as he is, is rubbish at manual work.

I am finally in the garden of my mums old neighbours who have long since departed. But in slumber I was turning wooden chair legs on a lathe.
They happily assist me until they realise I'm using their chairs!

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