Saturday, 5 May 2012

Dead man beer dispenser

Initially I am fraudulently arranging an insurance claim. I sit up in my car waiting for a passing motorist and deliberately ram my vehicle into the unsuspecting driver causing enough damage to mine to enable me to get a new car.

Next I go to my old bachelor flat and enter to find two obese men live there. One of them is unfortunately dead and the living man seems only mildly upset.
He offers me a can of beer which I accept. I am totally alarmed when he opens the mouth of the dead man and a can raises up from inside him.
I'm handed the can as another one pops up and replaces it like a dispenser.

It is at this point that I start to panic sensing foul play. As a good citizen I decide to apprehend the fat man and take him to justice.
Unfortunately the oversized murder suspect has other ideas and proceeds to punch me in the head.

I start calling for help as I'm overpowered by my heavyweight assailant but no one comes to my aid and I take a beating.

Next I am sitting in a room nursing my wounds as an array of concerned onlookers ask if I'm ok.
Where were they when I needed them?

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