Thursday, 24 May 2012

Cruise Ship turd

I have dreamt previously about bring on a cruise ship. On this occasion I'm trying to sleep in my cabin bed but I'm having difficulty as its in the middle of the main dining hall.
Suddenly I need to pooh and as quick as the feeling comes over me I've done it in the bed.

Now in the embarrassing position of needing to dispose of my deposit, I reach down and slip the offending item into my dressing gown pocket.
I get up and start to look for a toilet.

Opening a door I enter a bar that is full of pirates, dressed exactly how I'd expect to see them, with eye patches and wooden legs.
I open another door to see my dog covered in cream, he was licking it off and having a great time.

I finally find myself helping my mum to move house, I am taking down a false ceiling in the bedroom and as I take a fixing out of the wall, the entire ceiling drops to the floor on top of my Nan's head.
I rush to her and hug her crying at having hurt her.
She on the other hand seems only mildly annoyed.

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