Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Cheating prostitute & child detective

I don't appear in the initial part of my dream.
It is set in a brothel and a prostitute is awaiting a client. He enters the room in anticipation but wakes remembering little more than walking into the room.
The lady of the night has robbed the man of cash and not supplied any service in return, having used chloroform to knock him out.

The cheating whore takes a shower and is greeted by the madam running the brothel who praises her on her work and takes half the cash as payment.

Next I appear in a dark street that has a police van blocking my path. There is crime scene tape tied from the van to a fence and nothing in the cordoned off area.
I look over the tape and get shouted at by the police officer who is a girl of about ten.

I ask what's gone on and the kid gives me attitude and tells me to move on as it's not my concern.
I'm sure she wouldn't pass the recruitment procedure. I know there's no height restriction anymore, but I'm not convinced.

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