Saturday, 12 May 2012

Burning ghetto & lady moustache

I began by being driven around a less desirable area of Peterborough by my younger sister.
As we drove I noticed that three or four houses had the roofs on fire, residents instead of getting safe from the impending hazard were leaning out of their windows looking up at the flames.

I was giving my sister directions and told her to turn left. She drove past the turning. I told her to take the next left turn. Again she drove past it. This happened another three times. Annoying.

Next I'm in a pub with Timmy who asks the barman for a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea.
While we are waiting I show Timmy a hanging basket I have made for him. He is slightly underwhelmed that I have grown grass in it.

Finally I am looking at a house with my wife with the intention of buying it. She is viewing the front and I look at the back for an area I could grow vegetables.
Upon returning to my wife to inform her I like the garden I find that in the few minutes I was gone, she has managed to grow a full moustache.

She chats away to me as if nothing has happened.
It didn't suit her, maybe the colour was wrong?

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