Sunday, 27 May 2012

Ants! Cosmic

As I lay my head on the pillow this morning after another night shift, as usual I fell asleep almost immediately.
Suddenly I could see my feet getting covered in ants.
Millions of swarming ants, covering every inch of me like a black mass that was acceding my legs and engulfing me.
I started to panic and jump up and down and brush them off with my hands but they kept climbing my legs towards my head.

It was this at point that my wife awoke me wondering what was going on.
A brief shake from her and a cry of 'Ants!' from myself and I was released from my torment.

Nothing more occurred during my sleep other than to wake to the song, 'Cosmic girl', by Jamiroquai.

"Cosmic Girl" was the second single from British Acid Jazz band Jamiroquai fronted by Jay Kay, released in November 1996.

He wore odd hats too.

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