Friday, 25 May 2012

Angry cheese & time traveling police

I initially thought that my dreams had been disturbed by the introduction of a much needed electric fan into the bedroom due to the current warm spell we are enjoying. But once I had become accustomed to the sound, it was business as usual.

I started by being confronted by a very angry Edam cheese. He was furious that he had been priced at £30 and believed it was worth a lot more. The Edam had arms, legs and a face. A very irate face at that.
I listened to him ranting for a while and just walked away.

Next I had time travelled using a spaceship to the 1970's, having parked it in a field of a small village. To avoid attention I click a remote which renders the craft invisible.

I walk to the local police station and at the front door I'm met by a man who unlocks the door for me and welcomes me as the new village bobby.
I go inside to find that it's totally run down and in need of a lot of work. One of the cells has rabbits living in it.

The man shows me round and entering a vast room there are hundreds of power conductors with sparks jumping across them which the man tells me supplies the whole villages power.
Looking out the window I can see ducks swimming on a pond.

The average price for Edam is around £28.50 a kg.
If angry cheese was a full wheel of Edam he would be justifiably upset, as these are around 2 kg effectively putting him at half his true value.

I'm more of a cheddar person myself.

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