Friday, 13 April 2012

Time travelling cowboy & cartoon blob

An odd occurrence to start with as I thought I had woken to make some notes during the night as I often do.
I woke again later only to find there was nothing noted down and that I'd dreamt I'd written something.

The next part was a dream as I was a cowboy back in the 1800's and I confidently know that not to be true.
I shot another cowboy and stole his silver mine then transported back to present day to profit from my ill gotten gain.

After financially benefiting from my cascades through time and space I sit and watch various coloured cartoon blobs with faces compete in a race.

Set on a lake, the winner is the first blob to bounce across all the stepping stones without falling in the water.

I nominated a blue blob for a sporting wager who unfortunately fell at the last allowing the yellow blob to triumph.

Maybe I could go back in time and bet on Mr yellow?

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