Friday, 6 April 2012

Street football, traffic cones & Holy elevator

Bit of an odd mix, but nothing new there!

I am a goalkeeper in the street, both goals are on opposite sides of a hill, my side is over the entrance to an underground station and the other to the entrance to a shopping centre.

I get bored as nothing is happening and cross over into the shops only to find it is my old school when I enter.
The teachers are worried as they are £5,000 over spent on their budget.

Not particularly concerned at this I wander back to my goal just in time to dive and save a last minute shot that wins my team the game and a trophy. I'm a hero and carried shoulder high.

Next at my mums house a water leak starts pouring down through the ceiling into the living room. A knock at the door finds a woman that has come to collect her traffic cones that I am selling on e bay.
She gives me £20 and asks for £6 change which is great as I was selling them for £4.
My mum gives her the change and I notice she has a broken ankle. Mum tells me that she fell over her highland terrier. She doesn't have one.
Back in the living room, Rob, who lives in my village has fixed the leak.

Finally I am walking through the street when a very drunk abusive woman starts to shout and is promptly arrested by the police.
I follow them to the police station and watch her get taken to a cell in an elevator.
Also in the elevator is a priest performing mass, I ignore this and push the button to go back up.

As the doors close my dog appears and playfully jumps up at me.
When the doors open again I'm in the street in the middle of a shopping centre.

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