Sunday, 15 April 2012

Shrunken horse & fridge Badger

On occasions my activities during my time awake find their way into my dreams.
At a friends livery yard yesterday as they put two horses in for the night, transpired into the first part of slumber.

Fairly normal to start as I put the horses in but to save on space I shrink them to fit in the palm of my hand and then place them on a square of artificial grass complete with miniature fencing and miniature stable.

I then notice 4 pint cartons of milk sitting outside in the sun. Opening a fridge to place them inside, I notice it's very full and the only space appears to be the vegetable tray at the bottom.

I pull open the tray to find a Badger inside. Attempting to put the milk inside becomes impossible as the Badger runs up and down the tray preventing me from filling up his bed.

The final part involves me walking onto some kind of military training base.
I go into a room, open a small locker within a bank of many other lockers with a key and remove a tin of pepper spray.
When I shut the locker and step back I notice that the lockers are the exact shape of a map of the British Isles.

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