Thursday, 19 April 2012

Shoot to kill

For what seemed like hours last night, I spent expertly picking off people with a high powered sniper rifle, complete with telescopic sight and an endless supply of bullets.

I was very high up and unseen by my victims as I masterfully eliminated them one by one with a single shot to the head every time.
After a while I was spotted and return fire started whizzing past my head but never close enough to cause me alarm.
I just continued killing until I ran out of people to shoot.

The middle section was taken up with me as an adult in a classroom. It was very unruly and the female teacher had lost control of the lesson.
Running late and looking flustered, Tony a past work colleague, enters the room.
Tony when I last saw him had jet black hair but as he sat down he very evidently was totally bald.
A scream of 'Shut it!' from Tony silenced the disorderly pupils and we got on with our work.

Lastly I'm in hospital laying on top of the bed so that I don't ruffle the covers up. Also on top of the next bed is a male I don't know.
The rest of the ward is devoid of patients, just rows of neatly made beds.

The man is boring me with his idea of using the beds to communicate with each other, his theory being that sound can travel along the beds thus allowing him to talk to me at the other end if the ward. I'm trying my best to ignore him.

I'm saved from my captive theorist by the arrival of a nurse. She is marking out where to stand on the floor for the darts board that is on the wall in a cabinet.
Happy at the prospect of something to do, imagine my disappointment when the nurse opens the cabinet to reveal an eye chart!

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