Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Pie munchers & dead cyclist

It starts with me listening to the radio but being able to see the DJ's
There are two but I can only see the small child in headphones who is ridiculing the other DJ about his 'wheels' and him being a stereotypical pimped car driver.

I enter a room laughing at the boys ribbing of the adult and see an empty space devoid of furniture apart from a table in the centre of the wooden floor.
Sat at the table are my friends Chris and Siobhan, both are eating meat pies from a huge mountain of them stacked before them on the table.

I look at Siobhan confused as I know her to be a vegetarian but she seems to be really enjoying them.
Chris points to my feet and upon checking I see that my white trainers are very dirty.
I immediately start to clean them using a well known brand of cream cleaner with three letters that changed its name a few years ago.

Next I am the passenger in a lorry being driven by my friend Kev, who returns for the second night in a row.
He is taking me to his local pub, on the way there an Eastern European man on a bicycle unfortunately gets himself run over by Kev.
I get out to check the male but he is dead. Kev shouts over that we are near the pub and we carry on to our destination.

Once in the pub, Kev goes behind the bar and starts to serve. He hands me a pint of Bitter knowing I don't drink.
Not wishing to offend I drink it.

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