Saturday, 21 April 2012

My name is Santa Claus

Waking to the sound of Elaine Page performing Memory from the musical Cats, I pondered over my brief but vivid dream.

I was initially testing thick various types of bleach with my wife in a kitchen. Nothing scientific, we were seeing which one poured down the sink best to our liking and were scoring them accordingly.

A man enters the room and speaking directly to me tells me that he needs me to be Santa Claus as the current one is unavailable.
I start to talk and realise that I am in fact legendary actor, Michael Caine.
I explain that my TV is not an updated model and for that reason can't be Santa.

Eventually the man persuades me to take on the roll as the festive icon and I sit as Michael Caine as Santa, watching TV in a small kitchen whilst my wife continues pouring bleach down the sink.

Clearly Santa and Michael are above such chores.

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