Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Mr Wiggly & ginger beard snitch

Rather concerning in that I was at the doctors having a cartoon worm inserted into the eye of my penis by a Chinese doctor.
It was explained to me that it was for research purposes, but I was not happy and the worm was smiling!

The middle section of my dream involved me in a supermarket with an assistant heating baked beans for me in a microwave oven.
The oven shorts out and causes a power cut plunging the store into darkness.

When the power comes back on, I'm in my house and the fire alarm is sounding.
My landlord is at the entrance pushing the door bell wondering why it won't work. It's not connected and he leaves.

Finally I'm with my friend Timmy and we meet a Scottish man in the street with an enormous ginger bushy beard.
The man tells us that a girl called Jenny knows all about a murder and holds the key to the culprit to the crime.

We ignore him and wander off only to discover two cars, three bicycles and an elderly female in a huge pile up in the road.
Deciding we in no way wish to get involved in this, we run into an underpass and out of sight.

As we emerge out of the other side, the ginger Scot is there and winks at us as we pass him.

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