Thursday, 12 April 2012

Mermaid & wee catcher

I was along with a group of other unknown people examining a Mermaid.
The poor mythological aquatic creature had become washed up next to a swimming pool in a hotel complex.

As the female / fish lay distraught, my wife was swimming around the pool, popping her head up at various points to look at the Mermaid from different angles.

I'm next side by side walking down a deserted street with Doyle my dads life long friend.
Doyle is moaning that he doesn't like the part of town that he lives in and as we stroll he outlines his plans for moving.

The remainder of my nights brain activity involved me laying in a hospital room needing the toilet.
I hang over my bed so that my head is looking under the bed and see that a small drain pipe is sticking out beneath.
I notice some wee coming out from the pipe and put a plastic pot under it to catch it.
The pot is almost full and the wee keeps coming so I quickly replace it with another empty pot.

Having captured the flow of urine I seek to dispose of it and transfer the wee into an oxygen pump.

I wouldn't want to be around when they tried to use it on someone!
I did wake needing the toilet at that point.

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