Monday, 9 April 2012

Is that Pinky & Perky?

I'm in what appears to be a high street of a town, given the amount of shops around me.
Suddenly an armoured tank rolls down the centre of the road and starts to randomly blow people up.

In the insuring panic I run and bump into Normski from work.
I encourage him to take cover but he is pointing ahead of him and saying, 'Look, there's Pinky and Perky'.
I glance up but can only see frightened shoppers attempting to avoid being blown to bits by the crazed tank operatives.

I somehow leave the destructive scene and find myself driving a camper van. I need fuel so manoeuvre it into a supermarket alongside a checkout and refuel.

Arriving at a school meeting that has far more chairs out that people attending, I select a seat out of the gaze of the speaker to avoid having to interact. I'm sat next to a wall and can see into a window to another room.
Inside a party is in full swing with everyone in fancy dress.

I want to join the fun but need an outfit.
Walking out of the meeting I descend some stairs into a basement and find my work locker.
To my annoyance all the lockers have been painted the same colour and no names are on them.

I try my key in doors and luckily open my own on the third attempt.
I then shout in anger as I realise I've left my work clothes at home and will have to complete my shift bare chested.

Pinky and Perky is an animated children's television series first broadcast by the BBC in 1957, revived in 2008 as a CGI animation but were originally puppets.

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