Sunday, 1 April 2012

Inferno hands

I really thought I was awake, laying in bed slowly coming around from my deep slumber.
I could feel my hands under the quilt becoming warmer and warmer to the point where they started to burn.

Such was the intense heat that I opened my eyes and held my hands out above the quilt to look at them.
It was at this point that I could see my hands ablaze.

Flames shooting up from my fingers I start to panic and franticly wave them in an attempt to distinguish the inferno.
I wake up and find myself at my mums house.

I open the front door and walk out into the sunshine closing the door behind me I realise I've locked myself out and no one is inside.
Out of a car on my mums driveway exits Franky Knuckles my supervisor from work. He just smiles when I tell him we are locked out.

I run at speed around the corner house that is attached to my mums, into the rear garden and dive, flying through a gap in the fence and land at my mums back door. I enter the unlocked door.

I open the front door to let Knuckles in only to find he is now my dad. He smiles at me and goes into the house.

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