Monday, 16 April 2012

False arms & Russian roulette

A few appearances from work colleagues last night. Starting with myself and Kev driving a red open topped car.
Kev produces a plastic tube and opens it to release a Chaffinch.

Next I'm wandering totally naked around a hotel looking for the toilet.
I enter a room to find Greg soaking wet from water that's pouring from the ceiling and he frantically attempts to gather his belongings together.

I find the toilet, ignoring his predicament and I'm just about to pee when two unknown men enter, both also naked and tell me I need to get out as the place is flooding. I run outside and see Dean, a supervisor with a large megaphone instructing everyone to evacuate the building.

I'm next a caretaker at a school, I walk out of the school & knock on the front door of a house. To my dismay my ex wife opens the door but then as she looks in horror back at me, she transforms into actress Pauline Quirke.

I run back towards the school and as I do so both my arms start to grow out in front of me becoming twice their normal length. They wave uncontrollably before me, oddly my clothing grows to the same length too.

I see a pier in front of me and run to the end of it to a small hut.
Inside the hut there is a black man with deadlock hair and he hands me a revolver and challenges me to a game of Russian roulette.

As my arms are now back to normal proportions I accept and point the gun at my head and pull the trigger without flinching.
The black man takes the gun and hides behind a curtain. There is a gun shot and a thud.

I open the curtain to see the gun on the floor and through the window, away in the distance is the black man, running off. Cheat!

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