Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Cowboy bath & custard cream werewolf

A very mixed bag from last night. I'm feeling drained today.

Starting with me standing in the bath dressed as a cowboy shooting my guns into the air. It is dark in the room and before my eyes is the necklace that my wife wears just floating through the air.
It twists and turns and manifests itself into a railway track which then has an old wild west style steam train going around it to the tune of Madonna's 'like a virgin'.

Next my wife, with her necklace, are then assembling a food blender from scratch and proudly complete the task and produce a banana milkshake too.

Finally I'm in my parents bedroom on the first floor looking out into the dark night.
Suddenly a werewolf is standing next to me, he resembles one similar to the old black and white movies used to portray, with a neatly groomed but hairy face.

The werewolf crams five custard cream biscuits into his mouth, hangs on the outside of the window, eats them and falls backwards to the ground. As he goes he pulls part of the brickwork away and I hear a thud as he lands on top of my car.
Looking down I see the hairy beast jump into my car and drive it off into the darkness.

I bet they won't believe that on my Insurance claim!

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