Tuesday, 10 April 2012

All star cast killer wasps

Once again I'm a goalkeeper in a street game of football.
This time Wayne Rooney is firing shots at me but I'm saving them all, much to his annoyance.

As I perform aerial acrobatics a wasp starts to buzz around my head. I swat at it but it's joined by more and I'm under attack from hundreds of them.
The game is abandoned as they attack Wayne too, we both run waving our arms at the swarm around our heads and run to a Halfords store.

There is a cycle race going on around the store and Jennifer Lopz is competing. The race is thrown into chaos as the swarm of killer wasps attacks the riders.
I run into Halfords return with some fly spray and start to cover everyone in it.

Leaving the hectic scene of dying wasps and choking contestants, I enter a warehouse with Robert De Niro.
Robert says to a man, 'Get me the special one'.
At the touch of a button the ceiling lowers and a lift hits the floor containing a yellow sports car.
De Niro gets in and drives off followed by a yellow remote controlled mini sports car that has a wagging tail.

The mini car just follows the bigger one and heads off after Robert into the distance without a wasp in sight.

I've never played in goal before.

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