Sunday, 18 March 2012

Ted Dansons chocolate balls

Just as I drifted off last night I saw a woman trying to barge her way past me through my front door. I shoved her hard in the stomach causing her to fall over and also causing alarm to my wife who I was cuddled up to at the time.

The first part of my dream involves me being back at school but as an adult. The heating is on and everyone is uncomfortably hot.
The headmaster enters and it's Rob a supervisor from upstairs at work. Rob is wearing a top hat. He says as its too hot we can all go swimming.

Entering the pool area we find it cordoned off and a small plastic box is floating on the water. Apparently someone farted in the pool and the fart is contained in the plastic box.

Next I am Ted Danson, the actor and I'm a private investigator.
I'm looking into a theft of chocolate balls from a Chinese supermarket. The owner is in tears about it but he is a six foot Asian man.

I meet a woman that knows me, she has a small baby and I tell her all about my current case as she sits at the head of a very long table with around twenty others around it.
The table is enclosed in heavy curtains and I go to leave reaching the other end of the table to the woman.

I look round as the baby starts to pee straight up into the air. The woman who has now transformed into Ted Danson shouts for help. I look and everyone around the table is now Ted Danson.
I get caught up in the curtains causing them to fall, in the panic I get squashed against all the other Ted Dansons.
I try to scream but hundreds of chocolate balls start to pour from my mouth.

A collection of actors used to be referred to as a Troupe.
But a collection of Ted Dansons?
A Groupe? Make up your own.

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