Monday, 26 March 2012

Stately home cheesy nibbles

My entire dream takes place in a very grand stately home.
I am in a huge dining hall that has wood panels around the walls.
I seem to be at a works meeting with a female boss and her deputy, also female.
On the table is an array of cheesy nibbles, crisps and dips.

The door opens and the 3rd in the chain of command enters and to my delight it's my colleague, Huggy. As he enters, he gives me a cheeky wink.

The big boss starts to read from a scroll of paper, outlining all the rules for for my job.
I become bored and climb up through a small round hole in the ceiling and find myself in a bell tower but there is no bell.

I return to the dinning hall to find my dear departed nan talking to the boss.
She is telling her about when I was assaulted a few years ago and told the boss she remembers it well because it was 10pm.

I did get assaulted a couple of years ago, just after 10pm. My nan had departed 17 years before that.
I love Cheesy nibbles. Nom.

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