Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Prancing traffic warden & obese cartoon cattle

One of my In between moments as I fell asleep. I thought I had a stomach ache but I was dreaming I did.

Anyway. I'm at school but everyone there are adults. One of my work colleagues, Donna is sitting at her desk and is having a complete temper tantrum because she has been asked to do some work.
Both myself and my wife are reading the local newspaper.

There is a photograph of a crashed car and a traffic warden standing next to it.
Suddenly the photo comes to life and the traffic warden is my wife's mother.
She is wearing her hat tipped right back and is dancing and skipping around the crashed car.

Next we are no longer at school but out walking in the countryside with a golden retriever dog and ahead of us are several obese cartoon cows.

We reach home and I squeeze past the fat cows to get in my front door.
I find a glass of water sitting on the floor in front of me as I enter.
I take off my shoe and place my toe into the water leaving me with a soggy sock.

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