Thursday, 8 March 2012

Murderers & Victorian toilets

Firstly I witness my work colleague Claire being charged with murder and remanded in prison until her trial. No indication to who she has killed but throughout her being charged, she laughs the laugh of an insane person.

I next find myself in an old style Victorian lavatory. It's in the basement of an old hotel and is very ornate and grand looking.
I'm watching as a man and woman walk around looking for something. I later hear the news and it tells me that the same man is on the run after killing a woman and her body was discovered in a Victorian toilet! Oops.

I am finally in the house of a very old man, he is just wearing shorts and is very wrinkly and 90 if he's a day.
He is up the top of a set of wooden steps that are not vey safe looking and wobble as he stands on them.

The old man is pruning his large fruit tree which grows in the centre if his living room. I inquire as to why he is doing this and get informed that he can't see the tv due to over hanging branches. Makes Sense.

I take pity and help him by taking over, I spend the remainder of my dream happily pruning, content in the knowledge I've done a good deed and some relaxed gardening.

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