Monday, 5 March 2012

Lost boy & exercise fire

Along with a few work colleagues I was part of a huge organised search for a missing boy.
It's very cold and there is snow on the ground. I can't remember who was with me but there were about six of us and we decided due to the adverse weather conditions we would all hide in a small room until someone else found the boy, thus remaining warm and negating the need to work.

This plan backfires somewhat when the door opened and our supervisor Andy entered. Andy was less than impressed at our plan but being a slightly timid man he doesn't chastise us.

Everyone leaves and I am alone and starting to feel the cold. I search the room for something to burn to warm me.
The only thing in the room is an exercise bike. I start to turn one of the pedals by hand, as it gathers speed, underneath the bike starts to spark blue flames resemblant of a gas cooker.

Finally the bike ignites into flames and I sit around it rubbing my hands and singing camp songs. Dib dob.
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