Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I am an innocent man

There is a marked difference to my dreaming pattern when I am sleeping during the day as I currently am.
Certainly less happening in my head and mostly always a song playing when I awake.

Cher is still echoing over as I write now. I believe in life after love, I believe is the title of the song but I shall confirm that shortly.

I was in someone's house, I didn't recognise it but I knew I shouldn't be there. The rear door to the house is smashed in and I'm trying to recall how I got there.
There is a knock at the front door and the owner of the property has returned.
He is shouting to be let in and I delay him as I franticly tidy the house to cover my tracks of entering his home.

I eventually open the front door and a very irate home owner is demanding an explanation as to my presence there.
I just say to him I mistakenly wandered into the open back door and walk past him to get away.
As I look down at myself I notice I am wearing a striped black and white shirt, I have a mask over my eyes and I'm carrying a large bag with 'Swag' written on it.
The home owner gives me a knowing disapproving glare and I just say, 'What?'

The Cher song by the way was just called 'Believe', a hit for her in 1998
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