Friday, 23 March 2012

Highland cross dresser & road rage

This starts with myself and my wife going into our local sweet shop only to find it completely devoid of any sugary delights.
We go to my mums house to find her crawling out from beneath her dishwasher.

Entering into the garden and discover a Scottish man dressed in knee high ladies leather boots and a dress.
He is hiding shopping bags under the rockery.
We confront the highland cross dresser and politely ask for an explanation to his presence in my mums garden.
He starts to get aggressively defensive and so we have no choice other than to bend him up into an arm lock until he screams submissively.

I next enter my old flat from many years ago but am now aware it's the home of my friend Lorney.
I enter and a man is getting out of the shower, I don't know him.
He informs me that Lorney isn't home but when she returns he intends to sleep with her. I leave.

The final part of my dream involves me walking along the street being followed by an old style blue Ford Fiesta driven by Roger from work.

Roger keeps driving at me so I pick up a wooden pallet and throw it at the car. Roger continues to drive at me so I repeat my actions this time smashing the windscreen.
I make good my escape.

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