Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Drunken CSI Maximus

I wake with Adele singing, 'Turning tables', from her excellent 21 album.
The theme being sleeping, as I find myself making my bed on the pavement along with my Dads long departed best friend, Doyle.

We have been drinking all night, I knew I shouldn't have had that wine in last nights dream, sleeping where we fall I make myself as comfortable as you can laying on the cold hard paving slabs.

I toss and turn for ages not really sleeping until I see a milkman across the street delivering milk the old fashioned way in glass bottles.
He knocks on a house, peers into the window and immediately looks concerned at what he sees.

I spring into action, run across the road, boot the front door in and enter the house closely followed by my dog who has appeared from nowhere.
Unfortunately I find a dead old lady with a trail of blood from her body to the rear door.
Quickly thinking forensically, I avoid the blood to keep the potential crime scene free of contamination. CSI Maximus.

Excited Jack Russell puppies tend to be slightly less crime investigation minded and he skips and jumps and rolls in the blood. Doh!

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