Friday, 9 March 2012

Dead night out

I am on my way for an evening out with my wife and we have arranged to meet our friends Chris and Siobhan.
We notice a work colleague called Groover on his moped and I try to get his attention for a lift by rolling up my trouser leg and writing on my leg in felt pen. It doesn't work surprisingly.

We start walking and bump into another work colleague, Chris, who informs us his wife has a cocaine habit.
Alarmed by this news we continue to go and meet our friends.

We pass an old people's home and the staff have all the residence lined up in a row on the lawn outside, they tell us they all died over night. Not thinking this in the slightest bit suspicious, we continue walking.

When we finally arrive at a restaurant, Chris and Siobhan are at a table with one of our work supervisors, Alf.
We join them and Alf makes a homophobic comment, appalled at this we all get up and go to another table leaving Alf eating alone.
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