Sunday, 11 March 2012

Basketball ambush & mini mints

I blame last nights violence solely on TV. Namely an episode of 'Caught on Camera', an American show which kind of explains itself in the title, where some teenage kids had ambushed a girl and beat her up and filmed it.

In my dream a group of lads are waiting for me with guns, supposedly to do more than just beat me.
Their plan back fires as they come under attack by me shooting at them causing them to flee.

As the ring leader of the group gets into his car and drives away, I am hiding on the back seat holding a basketball.
Imagine his surprise when I lean over and smash the basketball into his face.
Then imagine my surprise when his head and said ball merge as one, his face but on the ball attached to his body.

I then find myself entering the small sweet shop by my childhood home. I pick up a mint, open it up to see that it contains lots of very tiny mini mints. Mints within a mint. And even better my mum serves me, brilliant, free sweets!

Finally I am preparing a makeshift operating table in readiness to chop up a body. The table has been made out of a wood panel and has a small trap door for draining the blood away.

I am talking to someone, but can't see their face. I go into such depth about how to dismember a body and explain how to dispose of it without ever getting brought to justice.
Quite worrying really.
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