Saturday, 25 February 2012

You naughty Peperami

I've had a cheeky late afternoon nap and the following events took place within my head whilst doing so.

I am walking around a house looking at it as if I'm going to buy it but it's right next to a train station, I leave and enter a huge indoor shopping complex where I discover my wife sitting in a massive line with hundreds of other people as if taking part in a World record attempt at the dance craze for the song Oops up side your head. (Gap band 1979).

I join in and sit behind my wife just as a foreign looking man with a small moustache sits in front of her. He resembles the character Walker from the 1970s TV show Dads Army but with a more Eastern European look to bring it up to date.

The Walker lookalike turns around and attempts to place his head in between my wife's legs but before he can even get close we are both punching him in the head.
I then grab hold of him with both hands and proceed to pull and reshape him into the Peperami man from the advert. I then throw him down the escalator and he lands in a crumpled heap on the floor.

Naughty Peperami, he's a bit of an animal.

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