Monday, 13 February 2012

Time travelling Jackson & human bollard

I begin by meeting the youngest Jackson brother from the famous singing family. Not the late Michael but another who is about 12 years old but with the familiar microphone style hair of the 70's.
Along with a girl around the same age, I watch them both take hold of a rugby ball and jump from a first floor window. Rather than plummet to a concrete demise, they float in the air and start to go back in time, landing on the street below.
It's unclear how far back they have travelled but a lot of the buildings are not there having not yet been constructed.
They watch as people are running screaming in the street in a panic. Not wishing to find out what is going on they once again take hold of the rugby ball and float off through time. I don't see them again. Perhaps that's why no one has heard of the Jackson boy.

Next I find myself reading the local newspaper, shocked at finding lots of photos of my friend Timmy snapped sticking two fingers up at the camera whilst he is at work.
I enter a house and see two lads one of which has two samurai swords that he wants to take out in the street. I advise him against this and open a garden gate which leads to a front door that is in the living room of the house I'm in. I remove an old ladies bike and cycle around the living room.
I return the bike and leave the house once again telling the boy not to take the swords outside thinking to myself that he is going to ignore what I say and do it anyway.

As I walk down the street I see my friend Kyle he is acting loud and cocky and keeps writing huge £ signs on the floor in chalk. We pass a row of concrete bollards and I say to Kyle to stand next to them as he is very small and when he does, he turns into one of the bollards and can't be seen.

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