Thursday, 16 February 2012

Showing my pink side

I went to work for my older sister last night. I turned up at the huge building in London to report for my first day at my new job.
I had no idea what the company does or what indeed my role would be, a true reflection of real life in fact.

I could hear M People singing, Search for the hero inside yourself whilst I was walking around.

Standing in the street was the entire staff from the office block as if all assembled for a fire drill.
An elderly security guard was walking around checking everyone and he stopped and starred at me.
I had draped myself in a bright pink sheet and was proudly marching up and down on the pavement.
As the security man looked on I just pronounced that I was in touch with my feminine side and continued prancing.

M People are a British house music act from Manchester, who formed in 1990 and achieved success throughout most of the 1990s. The name M People is from the initials of Mike Pickering, who formed the group.
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