Thursday, 2 February 2012

Remote control toe

Not much to last nights adventure.
I'm in bed with my wife and we are watching the tv which is situated at the end of the bed on a set of draws. Incidentally we don't have a tv in our bedroom.
There seems to be nothing worth watching on and I lift my leg out from beneath the quilt point my foot at the tv and my big toe starts to extend.
It grows about 4 feet in length until it reaches the tv buttons and I am able to change channels at the flick of an abnormal toe.
My wife is unimpressed until I amaze her by being able to write directly onto the screen with the same freaky toe.
I awoke at this point and after a concerned toe check, I went back to sleep.
As I did I saw actress Jane Seymour with her on screen husband both dressed in 1800's wild west clothing and both playing baseball.
Baseball originated in the US around 1845, so quite possible that Jane was in the right time for it.
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