Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I cant go if your watching!

As with a lot of my dreams, the need for me to pee transpires its self into the events of my slumber.
Last night I am in a prison cell awaiting my family to visit me. I really need the toilet so go into a very tiny cubicle in the corner of my grey four walled enclosure.
I start to pee and as always I'm thankful that I actually don't urinate as that would be most embarrassing and would most likely end my marriage.
My sister pops her head in the cubicle and says hi, I stop peeing and try and hold it. Then one by one every single member of my family starts to enter the cubicle, in resemblance to a world record attempt to see how many people can you fit into a toilet cubicle.
Still desperately needing to relieve myself I discreetly get a plastic bag from my pocket and pee into it without my family noticing.
The trouble starts when the plastic bag is full and starts to overflow!
I awoke at this point and went to the toilet. (In the toilet, not a plastic bag).
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